Midnight Pictures is an Amsterdam and Los Angeles based film production company with a singular purpose; to create dark entertainment for a worldwide audience. Specifically in the genres, thriller, suspense & horror.

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The Recurrence


A determined mother goes into regression therapy to exorcise her daughter's ghosts.

After a traumatic car accident little Megan Freeman wakes up changed, or for a better word: cursed. Megan’s eyes have been opened to a world beyond ours. Her caring mother Susan starts to notice strange things happening to her as she slowly realizes her daughter is possessed by something sinister.

This story is based on true events.

Writer / Director: Diederik van Rooijen
Cast: Elisabeth Shue, Mies van Rooijen


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When an idealistic Dutch scientist tries to eradicate Africa's most debilitating disease, he learns that in the race to end malaria the mosquito isn’t his worst enemy.

This story is inspired by the life of Bart Knols, a Dutch vector biologist who has devoted his entire career to the study of mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit, notably malaria and dengue.

Bart has spent the greater part of his career in and out of Africa trying to end malaria, which today continues to claim 450,000 lives each year.

Director: Hugo Keijzer
Writer: John Weich



A camping trip turns into a nightmare when a young couple stumbles upon an abandoned house.

This is where a door reveals an endless dark space. Unleashed by opening the door, an entity hunts them down and its identity slowly starts to reveal itself to the girl, exposing a horrific truth.

Director: Marinus Groofhof
Production Company: Midnight Pictures
Casting Director: Manuel Puro


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